1. Degradation of SiC MOSFETs Provoked by a Switching Based Ruggedness Test

Presented by: Joseph Kozak, Duration: 11’26’’


2. Improved V2 Constant On-Time Control with State-Trajectory Functions

Presented by: Virginia Li, Duration: 08’13’’


3. Assessment of a Medium-Voltage Power Cell based on High-Current, 10kV SiC MOSFET Half-Bridge Modules

Presented by: Slavko Močević, Duration: 12’04’’


4. PCB-Based Gate Driver and Bus Bar for a 10kV SiC MOSFET Power Module

Presented by: Mark Cairnie, Duration: 07’47’’


5. The Optimal Design of A High-Temperature PCB-Embedded Transformer GaN-Based Gate-Drive Power Supply with A Wide-Input Range

Presented by: Jiewen Hu, Duration: 09’27’’


6. FutureHAUS Nanogrid System and Energy Management Algorithm

Presented by: Vladimir Mitrović, Duration: 09’19’’


7. A High-Density Single-Turn Inductor for a  6kV SiC-based Power Electronics Building Block

Presented by: He Song, Duration: 06’51’’


8. Reliability Evaluation of High-Speed 10kV SiC MOSFET Power Modules

Presented by: Jacob Gersh, Duration: 06’33’’


9. Medium Voltage Impendance Measurement Unit

Presented by: Christina DiMarino, Zhiyu Shen and Igor Cvetković, Duration: 05’29’’


10. High Frequency and Galvanically Isolated Electricity Conversion

Presented by: Dražen Dujić, Duration: 02’46’’


11. A fully integrated on-board battery charger for Electric Vehicles

Prof. Emil Levi, Duration: 08’48’’


12. Typhoon HIL Microgrid Testbed – Hardware in loop

Nikola and Ivan Čelanović, Duration: 01’17’’


13. Three-Phase Rectifiers with Constant Voltage Loads

Predrag Pejović, Johann W. Kolar, Duration: 03’05’’